Monday, October 15, 2012


Xecon Home Page

This page details the basic engineering services provided by Xecon Associates.  Other pages on this blog that list some of the disciplines and capabilities of Xecon may be viewed by clicking your mouse on one of the pages listed in the column at the right side of this page.

Description of Services

Xecon Associates performs consulting engineering services in the area of electronic systems analysis, design, and development.  Our principal expertise is in the area of electronic digital systems with special emphasis on real-time embedded processors, special purpose computers, controllers and signal processorsWe also have considerable experience in the design of fault tolerant architectures. We can take your application from the early conceptual stage through systems analysis, hardware, firmware, and software design, to engineering prototype construction. Our expertise spans the range from single element control and communication devices to large scale systems engineering projects.  Our people have been instrumental in the principal architectural configuration and design of several large scale spacecraft and avionic payloads.  We also have been responsible for the design of devices as simple as set-top TV control boxes.

 Every Xecon project begins with a detailed examination of the system requirements.  This is referred to as Systems Analysis.  On simple projects this analysis can often be done in as little time as one day.  However, most complex projects and virtually all major systems engineering jobs necessitate the expenditure of a considerable amount of time in this analysis phase.  Failure to perform a thorough and in-depth review of the project at that juncture will either cause the project to fail, or to be chronologically delayed with unanticipated budget over-runs, or to experience other major problems.

Although Xecon is primarily a systems engineering organization, we also do some pure software design. Our software design efforts are concentrated in scientific and business applications.  

Some of our PC based software programs include:
Pro-Chart Analyst  for the analysis and charting of stock and financial data.
Star-Trac  a telescope drive and control program for Alt-Azimuth type telescopes.
and,  Astro-Imaging Analyst  for the analysis and processing  of  Astronomical Images. 

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